George’s Ranch – Horse Power for kids!

Hello everybody,

Somebody said once “A good rider can hear his horse speak to him, a great rider can hear his horse whisper”. This is what happens at George’s Ranch. They take little children and they teach them first to love, to take care, to feel, to become friends with one of the most precious and gracious animal: “The horse” . Then they will teach the children ride and jump, enjoy long rides in the nature, love life and nature. At George’s Ranch they take things slowly so they can grow them big! George’s Ranch teach kids the most precious gift: the pleasure to ride!

When we first discovered George’s Ranch I could not imagine the pleasure they take in making kids love horses, be brave and help them in the wonderful process of learning horse riding.

To start with a fantastic opportunity for pony-mad youngsters to meet their equine superheroes is just the first step in the learning process. Conducted in a controlled-environment to ensure the greatest care is taken of your little ones, George’s Ranch Toddlers’ Group is an informal and fun day out for all the family. Children will get the chance to stroke, groom and feed the ponies and, should they feel brave enough, enjoy their first ride.

Learning to respect and take care of horses teaches youngsters responsibility and helps build confidence. It is also a great way for parents to bond with their little ones in an exciting, new environment.
Toddlers’ Group is a fabulous introduction into the wonderful world of horses – and once your youngsters have caught the pony-riding bug, we have many more activities designed especially for them, as well as lessons and hacks for mums and dads.

The next step is the first riding lesson. Kids can start with Pony rides, a 10-minute children’s ride on one of our friendly ponies, accompanied by one of our instructors. The rhythmic motion of riding a horse causes the kids to focus on the movement - which is slow, deliberate, and relaxing. The child indirectly learns how to focus better, which is aided by the calming effect of riding. In addition to the movement experience when riding the horse, tactile senses are stimulated. The horse's skin is fuzzy, the mane and tail are rough, and the nose is soft. Discovery of these sensations often helps draw a child out, stimulating development of his or her verbal communication.

Children’s lessons consists in private one-to-one training given by our internationally-qualified instructors and suitable for children over the age of six. Initial lessons are conducted on a lunge rope to ensure the safety of new riders as they learn the correct way to sit and ask the horse to move. There are so many benefits for children following horse riding lessons:
·        Core Strength: Horseback riding is an isometric exercise, which means it uses specific muscles to stay in certain positions, in this case, keeping balanced on the horse.
·        Balance and Coordination: The rider must develop coordination skills to move the body with the horse in order to help the horse stay balanced.
·        Mental exercise: There’s a confidence that comes from learning how to handle and interact with this huge animal. Kids really learn about themselves as they experience time on a horse.

Next steps at George’s Ranch are the Intermediate lessons, for older children and adults wanting to learn to ride or looking to improve their skills. These private lessons cover everything from basic horsemanship to dressage and show jumping.

The top level is represented by the Advanced dressage/show jumping lessons that offers intensive training in either of the two disciplines for more experienced riders. This level offers full opportunities to children to get involved into competition, to experience the most wonderful sensation: To be proud of their work and passion!

I could not finish this article without not mentioning that George’s Ranch offers also the opportunity to ride outside of the Ranch!
George’s Ranch can be found on the road from Coral Bay to Agiou Georgiou and with so much beauty on our doorstep it would be a crime not to take advantage of it, so they offer a number of hacks along the glorious coastline of the Sea Caves designed for riders of all ages and abilities. Bring your camera and we’ll even capture the experience for you – giving you a memory to treasure for years to come.

If you climb into the saddle be ready for the ride! At George’s Ranch you will discover your passion and maybe a new love “Horse Riding”. Family time, rides in the most wonderful places, and smiles … lots and lots of smiles!

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot Lizard!

George’s Ranch

Prices and offers:

·        Toddlers’ Group is held on the second Sunday of every month from 10am to 11am for children up to the age of six. The cost of this session is 10 euros per child. No booking is necessary.
·        Pony rides – a 10-minute children’s ride on one of our friendly ponies – 10 euro
·        Children’s lessons - 25 euros for 30 minutes, booking is essential for all our riding lessons!
·        Intermediate lessons - 25 euro per person for 30-minute lesson
·        Advanced dressage/show jumping lessons - 30 euros per person for 30-minute sessions and 35 euros for a 45-minute session.

Riding outside of the Ranch:

·        Ride One – this is an hour’s ride suitable for beginners, riders with limited experience and children aged five years or older. After a leisurely walk past the region’s famous banana plantations, our experienced horses will negotiate the small slope down to the splendour and brilliance of the sea caves. It’s a great choice for a family hack or a party of friends and one of our experienced instructors will not only be on hand, but also on foot to give added reassurance to nervous riders and assistance if needed. The cost is 35 euros per person.
·        Ride Two – a wonderful new hack, lasting an hour and a half, from the Ranch towards historic Yeronisos Island. Not only is the scenery stunning, but the route is a safe, vehicle-free path with lots of private sandy tracks to have a trot and canter upon. This ride is perfect for those with experience. The cost is 55 euros per person
·        Ride Three – the Breakfast Ride. This hour-and-a-half ride up to Yeronisos Island provides all the wonder of Ride Two with the added bonus of croissants, fresh fruit, tea, coffee and juice back at the club house. This ride is perfect for those with experience. The cost is 65 euros per person.
·        Ride Four – the Sunset Ride. With this hour-and-a-half ride towards Yeronisos Island you not only get a glass of bubbly on your return to the club house, but you also get to experience the joy of a Cypriot sunset on horseback. One not to be missed. This ride is suitable for those with experience. The cost is 65 euros per person.
·        Ride Five – another Sunset Ride, but this one is only an hour long and suitable for riders of all abilities. Riders still get to enjoy the splendor of the Sea Caves as well as a glass of bubbly back at the Ranch. The cost is 40 euros per person.
·        Ride Six – designed for the less confident or families with very young children, this hack lasts half-an-hour and takes riders along the region’s banana plantations towards the top of the Sea Caves. The cost is 25 euros per person.

Opening hours: 9:00 - 19:00
Address: Agios Georges, Pegeia, Paphos, Cyprus
Phone no: +357 99 647790