Profitis Ilias the perfect picnic place and playground

Hello everybody,

Every time I discover a little paradise for families with children I am so happy, especially if this place is free and looks like this one: Profitis Ilias picnic place. Unspoiled, new, quiet, relaxing, perfect location, wonderful view for a picnic place and a playground is the best way to spend a lovely weekend with your children outside in the fresh air!

Profitis Ilias picnic place is situated on a quiet road that can be reached by going left from the main road B8 Limassol – Troodos towards Lofou village (another jewels of the Cyprus island, read about it here: ). You will be able to see a sign and on your right side, the church and playground. The playground was just finished in 2015 and it is in a perfect condition.

Profitis Ilias picnic place is situated next to the lovely church with the same name. It has lovely benches in the shadow, a special place for barbeques, and sweet pathways around the tables. The location is so quiet and peaceful that will give you that relaxing feeling and the wish to be quiet so you do not disturb the silence. Maybe the presence of the white church also will intensify this feeling.
The playground is like new, with swings for toddlers and bigger children and a nice little castle with slide and climbing area where kids will feel so happy to play and have fun. I would recommend this place also for all little children and mothers with babies that need some time off the noisy city. The playground is covered with rubber tiles and it is completely surrounded by fence.

If you are between the ones, that wish to have a birthday party, this is the perfect place where you can bring your own food or just buy it from a “fistaria” before you go up, and spend one entire day out with children.

For more fun bring lots of balloons, bubbles, take a kite or some little cars, paper and crayons, or some board games to make your day longer and nicer.

The marvelous sea view from Profitis Ilias picnic place will give you energy for an entire week until your next trip!

Enjoy your time spend outdoor with your children, let them run, relax, relish a good healthy Mediterranean meal and most of all live every second of your life at maximum!

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot lizard!

Picnic Place Profitis Ilias

From Limassol – Trodoos main street take left towards Lofou village and follow the sign.

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