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For children, learning a foreign language can be very easy, if there is an interesting teaching technique, the most modern devices and the best books. For most teachers these days, the teaching methods of a foreign language have become obsolete. Kids Fun in Cyprus can prove that learning can be interactive, fun and easy for all children. Kids Fun in Cyprus discovered a place in Limassol that has magic skills: gives to children Super Powers: Superminds!

Learning a foreign language can be both easy and effective, provided there is an interesting and challenging Method/Programme. The vast majority of teachers of English today, mainly those teaching English to kids, rely on and use only the Teaching Material provided by ELT (English Language Teaching) publishers.

Kids Fun in Cyprus found for you an amazing English Language programme for Kids which uses the latest Educational Technology, ground-breaking Teaching Aids and Lesson Plans, Blocks, Lego, Interactive Learning Consoles, CLIL Educational Kits (Content and Language Integrated Learning), Experiments, Cinema and other innovative materials and methods. SUPERMINDS! Not only does it teach your kids English but it also teaches then Values and Skills like problem solving, self - respect, critical thinking, logic, and team work.

Mrs Maria A. Ioannou will help us discover and understand how Superminds can make your children love English language and will reveal a new gate to learning more about Science, Maths and other subjects. Mrs. Maria A. Ioannou has obtained a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualification from Trinity College, a BA English 1st Class Honours from the University of Reading, an MA Twentieth Century English Literature from King’s College London and she is currently a PhD Creative Writing candidate at the University of Winchester. She has more than 12 years experience in teaching and educational programme design and she is also a writer, with already two short story collections published in Greece (“The gigantic fall of an eyelash” / Gavrielides Publishing 2011, awarded with the “Emerging Writer” State Prize and “Cauldron” / Nefeli Publishing 2015).

Izzy: Dear Maria we are very happy to meet you and to find out more information about the wonderful English Learning Programme of Superminds. What can you tell us about it, what alternative does it offer to the usual way of learning a foreign language for children?
Maria Ioannou: Superminds is based on the theories of three famous linguists: Gardner, Schank and Piaget. Gardner understood the importance of “Multiple Intelligence”, Piaget recognized that kids “handle  concrete images more easily than abstract words” and Schank believed that “Children learn by trying to do  something rather than knowing how to do something”.

Izzy: For what categories of age is Superminds programme suitable and how does it work? What can you tell us about the teaching experience of the teachers?
Maria Ioannou:  Superminds is ideal for kids aged 3-5 and  6-8 .
Hm…how it works… Well, unless one checks out the programme “in action” one cannot understand its potential and capabilities. However, I am sure you will get an idea if you consider the following statement:
Superminds English Learning Programme for Kids uses 6 different activities per session. All 6 activities have some minutes for “winding down”. For example, let us assume that today’s lesson is: Farm Animals. Imagine how effective the lesson would be if the kids were approached through 6 different activities based on the Linguistic Theories mentioned above. Also, imagine how effective the lesson would be if Multiple Intelligence was implemented in the session and how interesting the lesson would be if, for each activity, there was a different Teaching Aid.  
Our teachers/trainers  are “composers”, “actors”, “entertainers”, “chameleons” and much much more!

Izzy: I was surprised to notice the multitude of books and latest technology devices, which the learning program uses in its lessons. What can you tell us about them and how do they improve the learning process?
Maria Ioannou: Kids have innate abilities and use their curiosity and senses to learn. Superminds helps them do that, the materials used motivate them, audio-visual and hand-on activities keep them interested and unusual creative tasks push their perception and knowledge further. There’s no better way to learn than in an environment you feel comfortable in, an environment where everyone is equal, capable, active and creative.

Izzy: How does Superminds teach children, skills and values? Is it real? Can kids also learn Science, Maths and Logic in the same time with learning a foreign language?
Maria Ioannou: Superminds teaches Skills and Values through Simulations, Interaction, Theatre, Role Play,  all combined with the latest Educational Technology. Yes, children do acquire such knowledge, but of course, the emphasis is on the acquisition of the actual language.

Izzy: Are children able to pass the first levels of the Cambridge examinations after following the Superminds classes? What conditions have to be met?
Maria Ioannou: Superminds programme is offered in 5 levels: 0,1,2,3 and 4, covering the first levels of  the Cambridge Examinations: Starters-Movers-Flyers-KET-PET.
Our mission is to develop the Skills, the Values and the Language Learning Acquisition of children, through TPR (Total Physical Response) and CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning), and prepare children not only for exams but also life.

Izzy: Thank you very much Maria for sharing with as such valuable information about your center. We would like you, to tell us a nice experience that you will remember forever and can be shared with our readers.
Maria Ioannou:  Every single minute you share with children of that age in the classroom is something you treasure for life, the way they look at you, act and experiment, the way they progress, adjust and improvise, their warmth and beauty is the best experience in the world! Superminds is not a traditional programme, it does not limit itself within the boundaries of a classroom, or the boundaries of a time space, syllabus or book. It’s a way of thinking, of perception, life.

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot lizard!

SUPERMINDS English Center

Address: 8 Souliou Street, 3016, Limassol, Cyprus
Monthly fees: 30 euro / 1 hour per week
Age groups: 3-4, 5-6
Contact person: Mrs Maria Ioannou / Mr Antonis Ioannou
Phone no: 00357 25571138


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