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Where could children start learning better about money than at the Museum of the History of Cypriot Coinage? There is no better place and no better time to start educate your kids about how money appeared in our society, how they evolve and how we could use them better now in order to gain more benefits. Some parents probably will say it is not important but educating a child about values, could always start from a small coin. Buying a small chocolate or spent all your money into a toy shop or save them in a Piggy Bank? Invest them, in something they would appreciate later or deposit them in a Bank? A first lesson will be well listen, in the perfect environment of the Museum of the History of Cypriot Coinage.

The Museum was established in 1995 and since then it has been the only one of its kind in Cyprus. A large part of the Foundation’s Numismatic Collection is in display in this permanent exhibition. The presentation of more than 500 coins, divided in nine chronological periods (23 showcases), trace Cyprus’ tumultuous history, from the first coins minted on the island in the 6th century BC to the present day.
With the establishment of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation in 1984, the Bank of Cyprus bequeathed to the foundation, among other works of art, rare documents and antiquities, and a small collection of Cypriot coins, mostly medieval in provenance. These coins formed the initial core of the collection, which has developed into a significant set that covers the entire range of the Cypriot coinage, from the period of the city-kingdoms of mid. 6th century BC to the modern issues of the Republic of Cyprus.

The main piece of the museum is a bronze coin from the Roman period, donated to the Bank by a member of the Board of Directors of the Group. This coin bears the legend “ΚΟΙΝΟ(Ν) ΚΥΠΡΙΩΝ” (League of the Cypriots); it was a symbol of unity among the peoples of the island; this particular coin has been the official logo of the Bank of Cyprus since 1963.

How did succeed The Coinage Museum to make things interesting for children?

A Multimedia interactive application 

In the museum children will be able to access the touch-screen devices that will enable them to make a virtual trip of the history of coins. It is a remarkable and very interesting application that will definitely make the visit more interactive and fun.
 “From the electrum to the euro. A journey into the history of coins”. – The application will also make things easier for all the parents that will need some guided explanation when talking to their kids.

The Coinage Museum it can be also a wonderful history lesson that will take you back in time, starting with the Ingots, “fighting” with Alexander the Great, “visiting” the Venetians, and “reaching” the Republic.

We will not forget to add the information about the educational programs that are available for all visitors which will be welcomed to join them:

“Gods and Heroes” .This educational program takes place in the Museum of the History of Cyprus Coinage. It is addressed to pupils of the fifth and sixth classes of Primary school and it takes place during the school hours. It is designed to stir children interest in coins with an emphasis on mythology and history. The program spans the period of the Cypriot city-kingdoms (6th – 4th centuries BC) and the Hellenistic years (330-30 BC).

Through discussion and dialogue and a “hands on” experience, the children are introduced to the subject and are subsequently invited to work in the Museum with the assistance of the workbook. The program closes with a creative part, by drawing coins. Children will acquire a series of skills, such as those of observation, analysis and recall of knowledge, teamwork, discussion and creativity. The program is delivered in Greek.

At the shop of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation children will be able to find: things inspired by the coin collection like cups, coasters, leather telephone index cases, paperweights, jewelry, and of course publications on the History of Cypriot Numismatics. Moreover at the shop there are many other interesting items inspired by the Cultural Foundation’ s Collections and a great number of publications related to the Cyprus Culture and History.

We would like to thank to Mrs. Eleni Zapiti, the curator of the Museum and Mrs. Elena Efthyvoulou the educational programs supervisor for all the necessary information that helped at the realization of this article.

Waiting for all the children and parents to spend a beautiful day learning something new and useful!
Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot lizard!

Museum of the History of Cypriot Coinage
Entrance Fee: Free
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 10:00 – 19:00
Address: Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, 86-90 Phaneromenis Street, 1011 Nicosia (old town), Cyprus
Phone no: +357 22 128157
Contact person for the Museum: Eleni Zapiti
Contact person for the Educational program: Elena Efthyvoulou
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