JustCute by Helena

Hello everybody, 

One day you will have in your arms that little, cute and blue doll with big eyes that used to make your childhood days memorable. You will remember that day, that you were so happy, just by putting her to bed next to you. You will remember that sad day, that she was next to you when you were crying. One day you will remember the feeling of anger, which made you to throw her, on the floor. One day you will remember the smile of your mother giving you that special gift! One day you will be happy, remembering about all those special days.

A hug, a kiss, JustLove that you felt when you had your special pillow or favourite T-shirt with your name written on it and surrounded by your childhood heroes. A plane… or a train… a car… your teddy bear, that took you every night in a dream world, Just for You, because You are special. 

One day you will still have that special gift that lighted all your days and be a “witness” of your first birthday. JustCute is magic, it is your ticket to wonderland.

Once upon a time, there was a fairy named Helena. She was searching for the lost little souls and she was waving her magic wand leaving sparkles to fly all over the sky. The sparkles turns into bees, birds and butterflies. The sky was red and pink and green and blue, small spots of color that will make, the sky bright and happy. Blue and brown eyes, and smiles were everywhere, cheeky cheeks, little hands and laughter.

The little girl will hold on that little doll. That doll will be her friend for all her life. Even if forgotten on a lost corner of the room she will watch her grow. Having wings and flying like a butterfly, out there from flower to flower, she will be waited to return.

The little boy will once hug that pillow, thinking that it was so unfair. He will always be a little prince, strong and handsome, having the entire world at his feet. He will hold on to his special pillow to remind him he was once a small boy in the arms of his mother.

The little star will remain bright forever on that fluffy pillow, which Helena the fairy, will give as a present to Stephanos. The funny giggles will twinkle in the darkest night. Helena the fairy will know how to add a special touch on to small Stephanos’ pillow if he feels scared in the night. The knight will fight to bring the most beautiful stories into his dreams.
Stephanos will imagine everything on that magic pillow, dressed with his super power shirt.  Helena will lift her magic brush and will draw the yellow sword in his hands and the beautiful green frog will remain silent with his big green eyes.

Will he say “Hello” to the little girl who will decide to lift him in her hands and give him a kiss? The boy will be there. Hiding and shy, he will know that in these special moments you should always end up by kissing the girl.

Helena is an Artist, she has the tickets for a night full of dreams with stars and with moons, planets and comets, flowers and trees, princesses and princes, Mickey and Minnie, bunnies and puppies and ….dreams about when you will grow up. Helena has the tickets for the present that will be forever.

JustCute by Helena, an artist that creates magic with her brush for all of us … the special ones, who likes to return to childhood, who likes to return to happiness.

Lots of love from Izzy the Cypriot lizard!

JustCute by Helena

Information about products: Hand made painted dolls, pillows, clothes etc. Any design, ideas can be realized. All shirts or clothing items are 100% cotton. Safe paints are used. After a 3 to 4 day process of ironing, washing and drying, the colors are permanent. Helen can draw anything you wish. You can also send a picture of your theme (*) or special occasion to make it even more personalized.
For Sizes: Please contact Helen. She will make a custom listing for you.

Order by phone: +357 97 828 428
E-mail: justcute_byhelena@hotmail.com