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Somebody said “Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate”. Kids Fun in Cyprus would like to add … give them yoga lessons! Why? Simply because in yoga it doesn't matter if the postures aren’t perfect, but practice is your children’s time to feel alive, loved and free. We loved the peace and tranquility that we found at Infinity Yoga Energy Center in Limassol and most of all we liked the smiling, beautiful yoga teacher Nathalie Kass-Danno that took her time to help us understand why we should bring children to her lessons:

Izzy: Nathalie, when was your first introduction to yoga and how did you start to teach yoga?
Nathalie Kass – Danno: The philosophy of yoga is usually to start from the body asanas and moving forward to body, mind and spirit.
My path was the opposite, because I was first introduced to the spiritual aspect of yoga and meditation.
I started meditation and parapsychology at the age of 16, and year after year my desire to learn more expanded.
I moved on, to the mind knowledge, reading more books and meeting many teachers, to find peace, this is what I was looking for.
The path led me to yoga in 2001 but mostly self - taught and self - practiced.
As I expanded, I started wishing to teach to others what I had learned.

Izzy: Dear Nathalie, the yoga world for many of us, is like a door that we never tried to open. You decided to start yoga lessons for children after having a long adult experience. Can you help us open this door and explain to us what yoga is and how yoga could help our children?

N.KD: Yoga for me is the realization and the surprising development of the body.
I still get fascinated every time my body expands, and I accomplish a new asana without me even practicing that significant asana.
The body and the spirit is just ready for it and provides the support.
I believe children learn from yoga the power of self-knowledge and learn to respect their bodies and their limitations, as much as their strengths points.
Kids also gain self-discipline through yoga, which is by non-competitiveness.
They learn that they are not competing with anyone in the class, they are unique and so is their ability, their gifts and their spirit.
They learn to respect each other, they learn to love and share through games and asanas. The magic of a healing touch!

Izzy: Meditation on the body itself, the precision and the balance of yoga postures - are they going to make children mind more razor sharp and why?
N.KD: Yoga gives balance, increases concentration, and makes us more intelligent.
Asanas and pranayama exercises (breathing techniques) help to balance the right and left hemisphere of the brain. It mostly calms our nervous system and provides us with more patience and stability.

Izzy: What's your favorite pose and why? What types of poses will you teach and practice with the children? What benefits will children gain by this practice?
N.KD: For children my favorite asana is chakrasana the wheel pose, for it activates all 7 chakras in the body!
It is said that you are as old as the flexibility in your spine.
Children are so open to this wonderful asana, so I enjoy keeping that energy in their spine open and filled with prana (life force)
All the asanas will teach them about all the animals and how to connect to nature, will make them an imaginary travel on different countries of the world.

Izzy: What makes a private studio different to a yoga class at the gym? How would you describe your way of practice and teaching for kids?
N.KD: I would say that I private studio is more intimate because the teacher is really there creating what she or he wants. She / he is using their own energy, creating, and giving from the heart of their own space.
Sometimes the gym space can only give the physical aspect of yoga, and loses the spiritual part.

Izzy: The asanas (or yoga postures) may be the first thing we think of in Cyprus when we hear yoga, but that's only part of it. However, many of us still equate yoga solely with the movement, and do not consider the spiritual aspect. How will you deal with this at your yoga lessons for children?
N.KD: As yoga is not only asana, especially in my case which I started first to learn about the spirit and meditation, I wish to teach children to keep their innocence and their enthusiasm for life as adults.
I believe it is easier teaching children that yoga is not only asana, as they know better than us to connect with their higher self. This was said to me during my first class, by a 4 year old girl;
I was explaining that Namaste means that "my little light honors your little light, and that we all have small light inside our hearts".
The little girl looked at me and said, Nathalie I have a big big light in my heart, not a small one!

Izzy: Lots of children have plenty of energy. Sometimes, parents find it difficult to believe, that their child could be quietly participate to a yoga lesson. What examples could you give us about children changes at your yoga classes? How old, could be the children participating to your yoga classes?
N.KD:For kids at our yoga lessons we go from a slow movement in to a very active state. We bring kids energy levels up and then we take them down.
Kids listen and feel more than we know. When they feel love they love to participate. The class is a combination of postures that will take them from a quiet state to a very active giving them joy and raising their involvement.
Making yoga could be playful but it is also educational.

Izzy: Thank you very much for the opportunity you gave to our readers to find out more about yoga classes for children and for the end could you share with us a little story from your experience that changed your life?
N.KD:We need to believe in our uniqueness and the light in our souls, trust the divine power that everything leads us to our life goals and spreading the light to others.
There is no greater joy than seeing others achieve their goals and see their eyes and faces light up in love!


Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot lizard!

Infinity Yoga Energy Center Samadhi

Address: Panayoti Tsaggari Str., No.119, 4042, Limassol
Schedule of lessons: Tuesday 17:00 – 17:45
Phone no: +357 99 696 481
Age groups:
Ages 4-8
Ages 8-12
Ages 12-16
Lessons Fees: 35 euro/ month 45 min - 1 session a week,
More than one child 24 euros/ month
Contact person: Nathalie Kass-Danno
Yoga teacher & Kids yoga teacher, Alternative therapist

Rodney Yee: “Yoga has nothing to do with flexibility. It is about opening the body wherever it goes and exploring the resistance. It has nothing to do with putting your leg around your head! We may go into those shapes with the body, but that is just to explore our mind and our body and our breath. Where the foot actually goes is not really of much consequence. Eventually, the different shapes you take have a chemical effect on the body. The shapes have just as much to do with the breath and the neurological input that you are putting into the body as they do with flexibility. If the nervous system is telling the body to stand up, you are getting some of the same benefits from that action as you would with going ahead and standing up. Scientists have recently discovered that if you get people to just think about doing an activity, several times a day, it has an effect on the body. So if people are tight physically, it is all the more reason why they should explore opening the body up. It does not matter if you ever get flexible or not--what matters is that you are in your body exploring it. You are feeling it; you are changing its shapes and personality. You are asking and demanding different things of it.”