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Hello everybody,

Kids Fun in Cyprus was surprised by the quality, style and the modern design of the Flexa furniture for children. Especially the busy mothers, will be amazed by ergonomics, functionality and contemporary Scandinavian design that can be found at Flexa Furniture Shop (Limassol and Nicosia). We went, we tried, we bought and we claimed about ourselves, to be completely satisfied with the products found, the customer service, but most of all the functionality of each piece.

You can start thinking to go to Flexa, when you find out that you are pregnant and we promise you will not be disappointed, until your baby will be 20 years old, as here you can furnish your kid’s room from 0 to 18 years old. Their system will help you start and then, reuse, add and complete any type of design you may wish, as Flexa furniture grows with your child! The changing table will turn into a dresser, the cute cot bed transforms into a cozy daybed…. Every Flexa piece is created to change as your child changes.

We were so impressed by the Award – Winning Flexa Baby High Chair which can be used from 6 months until 5+ years, a chair that can be height- adjustable (no tools required) and a chair that can be washed in the dish washer. Amazing!!!

We loved their beds! The way that you can transform them into a beautiful princess or knight castle, the slide, the couch or the desk that you can add under, or why not maybe even another bed for your little sister. A room that will make kids enjoy a world of dreams and fun for a happy and beautiful childhood.

We have to let you know, about the Flexa mattresses for children. The baby cot bed mattress is 100% made out of cotton. It is a 6 cm cold foam mattress with 2 cm visco wave profile on top. The top reacts, conforms and adjusts to the body temperature and weight to ensure the best possible comfort during the sleep. For bigger children there are many mattress choices, which will fit any exigent customer tastes all made with 100 % cotton covers that take care of the comfort and support of the kids ‘bodies.

Because in September schools starts we were interested to check also, their offers for children that needs a room to study. We were more than delighted about their desks, chairs and shelves offers.
The Flexa desk it is height adjustable, or may have tilt function or a reversible top. The desk is not only a table, but an ergonomic device where children will love to sit and learn. Of course, you will need to add one of height adjustable and ergonomic seat with a hook for the bag. These chairs are special as they have a flexible seat, that facilitates good blood circulation which improves the child’s concentration. It is a chair for kids that only weighs 6.5 kg. We wish that, we could find this kind of furniture in our schools where children spend most of their time!

Flexa furniture will make any parent to feel safe as the furniture is made for children with no sharp edges or corners, eco-friendly and water based lacquer, the textiles and mattresses are Oeko-Tex certified and contain no harmful substances and we should not forget to tell you about their 5 year guarantee.

Like any other person that loves beautiful things, I will love to tell you also about the “little things”: the kids’ room stickers, the tents, the play curtains,   the bean bags and the bean cushions and toy storage boxes. All designed to transform a boring room to a design stylish room.
Mothers will be able to have the kids ‘room that can be kept tidy easily, where every little toy or pencil will have a place, a room where kids will love spending their time playing or learning in the most comfortable, joyful, organized and healthy environment.

Children play and through play, they develop their imagination, intelligence and a healthy lifestyle. Flexa made all this possible, and we at Kids fun in Cyprus we were very happy to see and meet them. Make them a visit!
Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot lizard!

Flexa Furniture Shop for children

Address Nicosia Shop: 28th Octovriou, No 17, 2416, Engomi, Nicosia, Cyprus
Address Limassol Shop: 68B Agias Zonis (opposite Mamatoto), Limassol, Cyprus
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 09:00 – 13:00, 15:30 – 19:00
Wednesday, Saturday afternoon and Sunday closed
Contact person: Omiros Markides
E-mail: sales@decoflex.net
Phone no Nicosia: 00 357 22 421 900
Phone no Limassol: 00 357 25 101 901
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Flexa.Cy

Map Location Nicosia Shop:

Map Location Limassol Shop: