Welcome to the Pony World at CountrySide Park in Nicosia

Hello everybody,

A birthday party story it is always written in a magical place and Nicosia is just enjoying the new opened CountrySide Park. It is a fairytale in the middle of the city, as you go in, the tall trees will surround you by their shadow and breeze, the flowers will smile and you will feel peaceful in a fantastic garden.

Indeed their garden full of flowers and beautiful plants is a such an escape space that will enchant your view and will make you wish to stay and spend a wonderful time as no matter if it will be morning or afternoon the feelings will remain unchanged.
CountrySide Park is the land of kids happiness. The gates opens and the time stop, to enjoy your kids smiles while playing, to enjoy their happiness while they will run, to bring that feeling of surrender to life, to the small moments that pass sometimes so quickly.

There is a playground where you will hear them laughing , going up and down the slides, trough the tunnels, climbing and jumping. The funny sheep, goat and cow will be waiting patiently to be ridden, pushed and rolled. You will have time to notice the breeze, to relax under the shadow, to sit and be delighted by a perfect cup of coffee.
The new secured outdoor playground positioned in front of the tables will give you time to watch them play. Colored small wooden tables complete the perfect environment for a cake and memorable birthday pictures.

The party will not be complete without the main attraction of the park as CountrySide Park main purpose is to introduce the children into the PonyLand Adventure.
Minny and Daisy are the hosts for the party and they will be saddled and dressed, ready to take each guest to a fantasy trip. There will be giggles and smiles all around the ponies and kids will be captivated by this new experience. It is time to caress, to groom, to feed, to talk with them and take thousands of pictures.
When Minny and Daisy will be tired, there will be still time to start a race on the Horsey Sticks as it is fun and magic! The ride can take you up to the next adventure on the car racing track where lots of four wheels bicycle (Pedal Carts) are waiting for the kids to get tired. Yes ... as it will be more fun to race and to compete... who will be first?

The party has just begun as there are still more things to do at CountrySide Park. Children can choose to play pinata, pin the tail on the donkey and to be entertained by Pony The Mascot.
A themed birthday party offers unique memories as the Park can be transformed in the land of Sheriffs, Cowboys and Indians or Princess which are running the Pony Land , Knights, Kings, Adventurers and Musketeers.

CountrySide Park offers a marvelous experience for private parties, kindergartens, schools and other various activities that will require outdoor private space, where you able to feel relaxed, secured and free to let your kids play.
Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot lizard!

CountrySide Park

Opening hours: For the moment opened only for Birthday Parties, Kindergartens, other events.
Address: Yianni Koromia 22, 1028, Kaimakli, Nicosia, Cyprus
Contact Person: Yiannis Yiannikouris
Birthday Party Price: Package starting from 220 Euro including VAT.
Phone no: +357 99465804
Facebook: www.facebook.com/countrysidepark
Map Location: