The perfect mountain chalet and best climbing experience Adventure Mountain Park

Hello everybody,

Going to the mountains in Cyprus is the best choice if your are searching to refresh and to enjoy the fresh air with your children. My last discovery is the Adventure Mountain Park in Troodos Mountains - Kyperounda, a place for parents, toddlers and kids to spend one of the most beautiful days outside in the nature. You can find here a playground and a restaurant with an breathless mountain view.

When I arrived there I was welcomed by Mr. George Rossides the director of the Park. I was very surprised to find in Cyprus a person that can speak with so much passion about rock climbing and mountains. His place is the proof of his love. The interior design of the restaurant it makes you feel cozy, tranquil and happy. It is just remarkable!
Everything is prepared to make your day peaceful and relaxing or full of sports and fun activities. I believe that these kind of spaces are fantastic because no matter what your kids ages are, you will all end up spending a nice day.

For babies... will always be an advantage to spend some time out in the fresh air while the parents are enjoying the fantastic view of the restaurant.
For toddlers there is the nice playground covered with grass (dust free environment!) plus plenty of place to run, have fun and feel happy.
For bigger children there is an ice-skating arena, paintball, rock climbing, laser tag and archery.

It is no doubt that the rock climbing is a distinctive sport which awakens your instincts and induces your adrenaline especially when you start practicing using the best natural facilities like the one offered by Adventure Mountain Park.The rock climbing area is just one of the best places where you could relax on a bench or get involved in the New Adventure Climbing. The best age to start Rock Climbing is 8 years old.The most obvious benefits of rock climbing for kids are physical. Rock climbing is an intense physical activity requiring coordination, strength, and flexibility.
Mental benefits of rock climbing for kids are equally as important. Rock climbing requires strategies and focus in order to make it to the top. Children who have difficulty concentrating can often develop mental focus through rock climbing. A feeling of accomplishment might also be seen as a mental benefit, and this feeling often encourages increased physical activity in order to meet the next challenge.

Paintball is a game based on competition and makes the strongest and most determined ones to stand out and beat their opponents. The Adventure Park location for paintball is one of the most challenging and beautiful experiences that kids and adults may have and can be enjoyed any hour of the day because it's mountain location. It is of course dust free as grass is everywhere.

Archery is a sport based on concentration and strength. Archery can get your kids to focus. In order to be successful in archery, kids have to learn to concentrate deeply. They have to be extremely aware of the muscles in their back and shoulders, and balance their awareness of the target. Every time they shoot, a child is required to practice complete emptiness of mind. They have to be totally focused on the task at hand. Once they learn to focus in archery, they will have no problem focusing in other areas of their life.

Laser Tag game involves the opponents using a device emitting infrared light instead of paint.This makes it suitable for anyone who wants to try a lighter version of paintball since it is painless but still feel the same action and excitement. It is the ideal game for anyone of any gender or age who is interested in engaging into the activity to advance their organisational strategic skills.

Ice skating activities.

You will find there all the necessary equipment to start practicing all these activities and as always I will advice the parents to join their kids in their fantastic adventure.

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot lizard!

Adventure Mountain Park

Opening hours:
Winter Season (November-March)
Daily (except Wednesday): 09:00-19:30
Summer Season (April-October)
Daily (except Wednesday): 10:00 – 22:30
Address: Doxasi o Theos, Kyperounda, Cyprus
Phone no: +357 99 674 126
Contact pers: George Rossides
Climbing Session 1-2 person 1:00 hour € 15,00 p/p
Climbing Session 3-5 person 1:00 hour € 12,00 p/p
Climbing Session 6-10 person 1:00 hour €  9,00 p/p
Climbing equipment Per Day €  5,00
Ice-skating 1:00 hour €  9,00
Laser Tag 20 minutes €  6,00
Laser Tag 40 minutes € 10,00
Laser Tag 80 minutes € 14,00
Paintball deluxe package 400 paintballs € 30,00
Paintball economic package 100 paintballs € 14,00
Extra paintballs 100 €  7,00
Case with 2000 paintballs €105,00
Paintball shooting race 100 paintballs € 9,00
Woodland paintball (min 12 people)
500 paintballs (appr.3 hours) € 48,00 including Coffee and water
Woodland paintball (min 12 people) 1000 paintballs
All day game € 90,00 including military food
Compass Game € 200,00
Archery 1:00 hour € 6,00 p/p
Archery rent equipment 1:00 hour € 2,00 p/p
Archery (Broken & Lose Arrow) € 5,00