The famous promenade on Ledra Street for kids and parents – Nicosia

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Ledra Street is a major shopping thoroughfare in central Nicosia, which links the North and South of the city.
It is the site of the former Ledra Street barricade where the street ran across the United Nations buffer zone. The barricade was removed in April 2008 and Ledra Street became the sixth crossing between the southern and northern parts of Cyprus.
The name of the street refers to the ancient city-kingdom of Ledra, established in 1050 BC, that was located in the center of the island where the capital city is today. You could choose to park next to the city walls making life easier for the parents with small children.

The old, narrow and busy street full of nice coffee shops and restaurants will remind you that you are crossing Cyprus heart. Old merchants, old and new shops, traditions, history... people that will remember about the old days. Tourists. Young people losing around their first experiences of "life". Having kids sometimes makes difficult the integration in a tourist area, but in Cyprus there is place for everybody. Admire the old buildings, watch the people enjoying their coffee, start a small chat with an old Cypriot will make you feel good, will make you live your day. Everybody is welcome here.

If you are hungry and wish to enjoy a fresh and cheaper meal you could choose to eat at Debenhams restaurant at the 5th floor. With a fantastic view of the city stopping here will always be a pleasure. Debenhams department stores is found in Shackolas Tower which is currently the highest building in old Nicosia. It is considered a hallmark of the city's old town. The first 5 floors are Debenhams department stores and the 6th floor is a cafeteria offering a panoramic view of the old city of Nicosia. The 11th floor is an observatory and a museum overlooking the whole capital. There are telescopes, binoculars and a recorded feature on the history of the capital.

Straight ahead from Debenhams in about 300 m you could stop at Heraclis Ice-Cream a place opened since 1939.

Maybe you will pass by, without seeing the entry but you will be able to notice the trampoline and maybe the nice playground in their back yard.

Everybody goes there for a coffee, one of their magnificent cookies or of course traditional ice cream. Owned now by the third generation family Iraklis Dimitriou, they are delivering the best ice cream in town made by the same old principles pure raw materials, Cyprus fresh milk, fresh fruit, free dyes and preservatives. 

The "back yard" is offering a pleasant shadow for the parents relaxation. The playground is quite big for one exactly in the center of the city with slides, trampoline, tunnels, climbing areas, simply the best place to stop after a nice walk on the famous street.

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot Lizard!

Heraclis Ice-Cream
Address: 4 Kallistratous street, Engomi, 1601 Nicosia, Cyprus
Opening hours: 09:00 – 22:00
Phone no: +357 22 664 198

The Train on Ledra street

Children and parents could enjoy on Ledra Street also a wonderful day on the train. An exciting journey "A Walk History" in the heart of Nicosia's Ledra Street in the pedestrian zone - Onasagorou and intramural. The sidewalks Nicosia has to meet through a different lens culture development, the unique beauty of the attractions and archaeological sites of our beautiful city. Nicosia Train, with modern and friendly image, begins his travels Square Ledra and Onasagorou following three different fairy trails. Sit back and enjoy the trip with this beautiful, yet dreamy tour with all the surprises. Savour the fantastic views of old Nicosia, from the comfort of wagon train safely. At the end of each route stop at Ledra Square Onasagorou and to explore the picturesque streets and pedestrian prior Nicosia within the walls of the Neighborhood Democratic Leventis Municipal Museum of the City Hall and other modules. The tour trips made throughout the year. The train starts its journey every 40 minutes from 11:00 in the morning until 7.00 in the evening (Tuesday to Sunday), also every public holiday. You will be able to listens information about the tour inside the train in Greek and English.
Route 1
A Walk History Journey "PEZODROMOS LEDRA church FANEROMENIS, ONASAGOROU". Trip lasts about 15 minutes and passes through the Venetian walls of the 16th century in the heart of the city, in the heart of the market in pedestrian Ledra Onasagorou. The route will go from the 11th floor observatory tower Shacola showing panoramic throughout the city of Nicosia.Visitors can admire the city and its monuments from four different sides, which correspond to the four cardinal points.Then we will go in front of the Church Revealed one of the largest churches in Nicosia.You know the charm and beauty of the old town across the narrow streets towards the Onasagorou. You will see the elegant courtyards of the manors.Both the Ledra and lead to the Onasagorou liveliest part of the old city.Luxuriate starting the tour with a cup of coffee from the sidewalk cafes.The stores offer a unique pedestrian personal and intimate experience for visitors.
Route 2
A Walking History Journey"ARCHDIOCESE".Trip lasts about 40 minutes and passes by the most famous sights of Old Nicosia, like the plot of Ledra Street, the Church Revealed, the Cross of Misirrikou, the St. Sava church, the church Trypiotis, the Postal Museum , the People's Neighborhood, the Leventis Municipal Museum, Mosque (Mosque) Omerye, Baths Omerye, Mansion Hadjigeorgakis Kornesios where houses the Cyprus Ethnological Museum, the New and Old Archbishopric, the Cathedral of St. John, the Ethnographic Museum of Cyprus The National Struggle Museum, the Library Severios The Pancyprian Gymnasium, Promochonas Podocataro and the Freedom Monument, the bastion of Konstanz Venetian walls where the Mosque (Mosque) Bayraktar, the trench D'avila the Municipal Library and the Town Hall.
Route 3
A Walking History Journey"GATE PAPHOS "The trip lasts about 25 minutes starting from the Ledra Square - Onasagorou following Rigainis route passing through the Venetian walls of old Nicosia, direction following the Paphos Gate Avenue Museum where we will meet the Municipal Theater, Cyprus Museum, the House of Representatives and the Municipal garden.Then head to the Statue of Marcus Dragon, reference the Venetian walls and bastion Rokka, cross the street Paphos with reference to the Catholic Church, provided the Paphos Gate, the Kasteliotissa, the Maronite Church of Our Lady of Graces.Then we go out on the street Arsinoe towards the pedestrian and Ledra Onasagorou with references to the architecture of the old city.
Duration of trips:
15 minutes approximately connection Ledra Revealed and Onasagorou
40 minutes for route Archdiocese
25 minutes for route Paphos Gate in Nicosia * The train stops for 10 minutes in the Archdiocese.
€ 2 for adults and children: route Ledra Revealed and Onasagorou.
€ 4 for adults and children: route Archdiocese
€ 3 for adults and children: route Paphos Gate
Train station you can take the train from: Freedom Square
Days and hours of operation:Tuesday - Sunday : 11:00 - 19:00
Monday off unless it is a public holiday in which we operate properly.
Nicosia Train starts its journey every 40 minutes.

Phone: +357 70007696