Petreon Sculpture Park Larnaca

With great sadness that we announce the death of sculptor and co-author of the Park Petraíon Koúlendrou Sava. The funeral will take place at Holy Redeemer Metropolitan Cathedral in Larnaca on Saturday 27 February 2016 at 12.00 pm. In the meantime the park will remain closed temporarily.

Hello everybody,

Stories are shared experiences, where there are bad and good heroes, where you listen and you are amazed by the adventures and decision others took in a certain moment of their life. Telling stories to kids will give them examples about what others did, what others said... giving more choices about what are they willing to do in their life.


My today story is about decision, is about beauty, is about the power of doing something that you want no matter what others think.
I did not know if Petreon Sculpture Park would be a place for the kids but I found it to be the perfect one after all. I reached Mazotos, follow the signs, stop the car. The big stones at the entry where like soldiers meant to keep the secrets in... secrets of a life time. Beautiful gates opened in front of me, doors to a beautiful world. A world made of stone meant to be there forever. The most miraculous garden revealed in front of me the entire work of a single men Mr. Savva Kolendrou.

The story goes on surprising me here, where I believed that only the stones will continue to talk. Used to be a builder he decided around his 50th changing his entire life and follow his passion together with his wife. He wanted to sculpt and his wife wanted to take care of the garden. It is a simple pathway in your life, human gestures that only people with courage, lots of love and pathos will follow. He build an amazing house made out of a big stone blocks and started sculpting without having any schools, any experience, any diploma. He decided to spend his life doing what he loved. For many years it has been only his work, his pleasure to live. Later on he had the idea of sharing his art with others, his unique garden, unique sculptures.

I was running around the tragedians, his Adam's and his Eve's, his Angels and his Church and I've got that pleasant feeling that his life will not end because besides his children, his memories, his pictures and everything that he was able to raise, he will be always there in the eyes of each sculpture.

More then 200 different varieties of cactus, as well as a vast array of Mediterranean fruit trees and plants will be waiting for the souls opened to receive their blessing of beauty. The entire garden was the art piece of Mrs. Stavroula Mbirou-Koulendrou his wife.

It is a magnificent park, a place for everybody, for people looking for a quiet time, for peace, a place to meditate, for kids to discover, to learn how stone can be melted in the right hands, for schools to listen the story of each art piece, to sit on the beautiful and shadow sitting place to draw, to paint, to sculpt together with the masters.

I invite you all to discover the unique place in Cyprus The Sculpture Park Petreon and his master Mr. Savva.

Lots of sunny days for Izzy the Cypriot Lizard!

Petreon Sculpture Park
Entrance Fee: 2.50 euro/adults, 1,50 euro/kids
Opening Hours:
Monday-Thursday -09:00 – sunset
Friday: closed
Saturday – Sunday: 09:00 – sunset
Address: Mazotos, Larnaca, Cyprus
Petreon is situated amongs the fields of Mazotos, off the main road leading from Kiti to Zygi. Once on that road it is easy to find us by following the Petreon signs that can be found all the way leading to the Petreon Sculpture Park.
Phone no: +357 99 648 116
Contact person: Mr. Savva Kolendrou