Moniatis village, Troodos - trail and playground

Hello everybody,

When I felt really bored  and I did not know where to take the kids any longer, a sweet friend of mine recommended me a nice playground in Pera Pedi village. I really enjoyed this playground and I promised myself that I should return the favor. So here it is, my dear friend, a playground close to you, perfect to go together with your little girl

Moniatis village is a small village in the mountains. What makes it special for me and you my dear readers is their small playground and their surroundings . Following the road from Limassol to Trodos just stop at Moniatis village on your left side from the main road in 50 m you will be able to see the perfectly enclosed playground with a big parking on your right side.

This playground is perfect for those searching for a place were you could leave your kids running inside like in your own garden. The gates can be closed and you could just loose yourself between the tall trees, the peaceful surroundings and the beautiful views. The playground has grass so the toddlers can enjoy a free walking inside. Swings for the babies, slides, roundabouts, basketball basket, climbing area and nice table for the ones who likes a snack brought from home.

What you can do more? You can choose between a short walk, a long walk, or play football for free on the community field. If you have a dog you can also take him for a nice walk.
If you continue driving up the road from the playground on your right you will see a small little church next to which there is the starting point of a nice trail in the woods.

The short walk goes around a little bridge in the village. The long path can take you up to Pera Pedi village if you follow the signs. This path can be done also with the dogs but not advisable for strollers.

Going straight from the church for another 100 m on your left side is a small road which takes you towards an old summer camp and an football field. The field is not so well maintained but is perfect for a nice afternoon run and play for the bigger kids.

Another perfect opportunity to spend some quality time together with your family!
Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot Lizard!