Eden Hills Polis - Lysos - Stavros tis Psokas

Hello everybody,

Leaving the house in the morning time, wondering where you will end up spending your day, sometimes can take you to the most wonderful corners on the island.

Going towards the sea is not certain that you will not end up spending your day in the mountains. This is one of the reasons for which Cyprus makes it all different.
Around 14 km far from Polis, Lysos village is another small paradise in Cyprus. The old fountain, the church and the village central plaza makes you wonder if today is a day from the past like there is no way you are not going to be surprised by the beauty of the stones, water and stairs lying in front of you.

The small but modern playground has the most incredible view which makes this place an oases of relaxation.

If you get very hungry you can stop at Paradisos Hills Hotel for a lunch or even for a night. Sisters Soulla Charalambous and Niki Chrystodoulou the owners of the hotel will be happy to welcome you in the most pleasant and restful ambiance you could ever find.

After a stop here you can continue your trip towards Stavros tis Psokas and the road will take you on Eden hills unlike any other places on the island. It is a completely different perspective to be able to change the entire view in just a few km.
Getting out of Lysos you can stop to Caroline for a ride or simply to admire the unique landscape of the area. Ride in Cyprus is like one of the hidden pleasures that you can discover by chance! 6 horses will be waiting you there to admire and you can book by calling Caroline to take them out for a guided ride. A beautiful ride across spectacular varied country - from forest tracks to deserted Turkish villages, mountains and valleys, wide open plains to deep gorges. Everybody is welcome to join.

Leaving Caroline behind us we will continue to our destination Stavros tis Psokas the place where you can see the Cyprus Muflons. The mouflon is an indispensable part of Cypriot natural heritage and one of the symbols of Cyprus. The mouflon is the biggest animal of the Cyprus Fauna. They are very shy and agile; move very fast on the steep slopes of the Paphos forest and are very difficult to approach, especially when they are frightened.

Located in the heart of Paphos Forest, Stavros tis Psokas it is a picnic place with a nice playground, and a big camping place. The playground has swings, slides, see sour and roundabout. Here it is a enclosure were the kids will be able to see the Cyprus Muflons. If you did not think about the food here is another nice place to eat and drink a nice coffee or the traditional frappe.

A very long road can take you up to Kikkos Monastery.
But this is another story!
Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot Lizard!

Locations: Lysos village

Paradisos Hills Hotel
Phone no: +357 26 322 287
Webpage: www.paradisoshills.com

Ride in Cyprus
Phone no: +357 99 777 624
E-mail: caroline@rideincyprus.com
Address: 8800 Lysos Cyprus
Webpage: www.rideincyprus.com

Location: Stavros tis Psokas