Pastos Restaurant elegance for parents, fun for kids - Limassol

Hello everybody,

We love restaurants with enclosed spaces for children to play... as what is the best thing in life,  to enjoy a delicious meal with your family while also children are relaxed and have how to spend their time. At Pastos Tavern you can find a wonderful playground, big spaces, comfortable and cozy environment... and the best food in town !

Getting used now to search the best place for our readers we were more then happy arriving at Pastos Restaurant. I am telling you for sure that there are not many places like this one.

My first feeling was that I felt welcomed. I sat down at the table and enjoyed all the little things surrounding me. I looked around and I realized that I was just about to discover the perfect restaurant. Elegant, fancy, relaxing this were my first thoughts.

I was completely absorbed by the romantic fireplace in the middle of the restaurant until I've noticed that they also had a great playground! Completely surrounded and safe, with sea sour, climbing areas, slides,tunnels and lot of space to run, plenty of activity for my children while waiting for the food. A playground where little and bigger children can spend lots of energy!

Finally we could just stay inside, comfortable, cozy, looking at the fire, reading the menu (as there is a very long one!) watching the kids playing. We ordered the food and for the first time we were not watching the time wondering how we could eat faster. We love taking time to rejoice the beautiful surroundings and the happy kids running in the playground.

I’ve noticed also that the restaurant has a special place for dancing. That makes me feel very happy that I could find such a good place to recommend for any types of parties!

Do not ask about the food! Because it was delicious. Everything was fresh, tasty, appetizing. It was remarkably prepared to enjoy all our senses and tastes.
Having said this I recommend this restaurant with all my heart for birthdays, baptize or just daily meals especially for those of you searching for “the best place to go with your children”!

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot Lizard!

Pastos Restaurant
Opening hours:
Tuesday – Sunday: 10:30 – 22:00
Address: 14th Road Episkopi 4620, Limassol
Phone no: +357 25 934 414; +357 99 123 965

Grill house, Takeaway & Party Venue

If there is one main element that characterizes our cuisine, that is freshness. The other is the variety of dishes that you will find in our restaurant.
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