Municipal Parks Limassol

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A day out in a park it is always a fun day for kids, especially in Cyprus where you always have marvelous weather. Either just walking, biking, enjoy the playgrounds or playing with a ball, running in the fresh air makes wonders for kids. Today I would like to introduce you Limassol parks.

Friendship Park of the Nations in Germasogeia - Πάρκο «Φιλίας των Εθνών

This is a new park just recently open in Germasogeia Area. With a small playground area, a  small basketball play area and gym for adults the park enjoys a remarkable view over Limassol city.  There are nice pathways for kids to use some bicycles or roller skates. The park is situated in the Kalogiroi area (at the crossroads of Viktoros Hugo and Mycenae streets)

The linear park GARYLLIS - Γραμμικό Πάρκο Γαρύλλη

Garyllis River offers more than 10 km of walking, running, rollerskating and cycling. It runs from Troodos Roundabout (and even higher for the brave ones who can leave the Forestry Park pathways in Ekali area) trough  town center up to Limassol Marina .
Safe routes for cyclists, both for the sake of exercise and entertainment purposes as well as for alternative mean of transportation instead of using a car from the northern neighborhoods to the shopping center, and also to the areas of a special interest like the marina, the Old Port and the waterfront.
A beautiful route for walkers, as well as a pleasant family environment for games and relaxation. Many small playgrounds along, basketball fields and nice hidden area to relax . The park is crossed by many important avenues so families with kids should always pay attention and vigilantes for the safety of the children!

Municipal Garden Limassol

This is the main park of Limassol. With the Limassol Zoo inside, 2 playgrounds with slides, climbing areas and swings, 1 basketball field, and the Municipal Garden Theatre, 2 coffee shops is the place where the main outside events are held. It is a very nice cozy park situated in front of the sea which makes easy to enjoy the playgrounds and the sea promenade in the same day. (There is parking areas in front of the park - time limited and on Lord Byron Street follow the sign Pafilia free parking)

Municipal Gardens Limassol
28th October Str. & Lordou Vyrona & Olymbion
3105, Limassol, Cyprus

Municipal Gardens Theatre
Lord Byron Street
Limassol, Limassol 3105, Cyprus
Phone: +357 25 588 694

Pano Polemidion Park

Pano Polemidion Park contains a very nice and large outdoor playground for children with green areas, slides, swings, climbing areas, the Garden Theatre (KIPOTHEATRO) an outdoor space extension of the playground which hosts various cultural events of both the Community Council and other organized community institutions and Polemidia Municipal Theatre or Cultural Hall of Pano Polemidia. This park is a very good and cheap venue for outside birthday parties. (Free parking area next to the theatre entrance)

Cultural Hall of Pano Polemidia
80, 121st Street, Pano Polemidia 4139, Cyprus
121ος Δρόμος 80, Pano Polemidia 4139, Cyprus
Phone: +357 25 397451

Polemidia National Forest Park

Situated on the hills it is a very nice park with and extraordinary sea and city view. This is a place where you could have breakfast in the morning in the pavilions, while the kids are playing in the playground, you could play basketball or just run after a ball on the two sports grounds, or enjoy a nice walk. There is also a kiosk for a cup of coffee or a snack.  The best place were you can make a free birthday party avoiding all the unnecessary expenses. Now upgraded and perfectly cleaned !  

Korivou Street, Kampos Polemidion, 3112

Molos Park Limassol

Situated in front of the see, close to the old port Limassol (starting path) is one of the most beautiful areas in Limassol. The playground is exactly at the beginning of the park and has slides, swings, seesaw and a wooden train to climb (here there are also bikes to rent). There are several coffee shops along the pathway. Enjoy the sea view and a good Cyprus coffee in the morning is the best choice for the start of a beautiful day.

Atlandidos Park

Situated behind Bennigan’s Restaurant this is a small park with a nice playground and lots of shaded areas. It worth mention it as it is close to the beach and can be a very nice place to go after being in the sun. It is also nice for an evening out with the kids on the sea road as it is close to the road.

Address: crossway between Atlandidos Str. and Theofilou Georgiadi Str. 

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot Lizard!