A new way to discover arts at ZampelasArt Museum Nicosia

Hello everybody,

Today, I would like to invite you all in the world of art. As there is a place in Cyprus where adults and children alike can go to enjoy Cypriot Contemporary Art in her own “home “- ZampelasArt Museum.

Mrs. Elena Markitani who is the Education Coordinator will be the one ready to open the gates of the museum for us.
First of all we should know how art activities can help our kids’ development life skills.
Communication Skills: Art goes beyond verbal language to communicate feelings that might not otherwise be expressed….
Problem-Solving Skills: When children explore art ideas, they are testing possibilities and working through challenges, much like a scientist who experiments and finds solutions.
Social & Emotional Skills: Art helps children come to terms with themselves and the control they have over their efforts. Through art, they also practice sharing and taking turns, as well as appreciating one another's efforts.
Fine Motor Skills: Holding a paintbrush so that it will make the desired marks, snipping paper with scissors into definite shapes, drawing with a crayon, or squeezing glue from a bottle in a controlled manner all help develop a child's fine motor skills and control of materials.
Self-Expression and Creativity: Art is an experience that requires free thinking, experimentation, and analysis -- all part of creativity…

We asked E.M. some questions:

Izzy: As a parent I am interested to search the best for my children as everybody else. For me “the best” means everything: starting from education, sports, recreation and cultural activity. Could you make us a short presentation of the museum?

E.M.: In May 2012, the Loukia and Michael Zampelas Art Museum opened up its doors to the public. The Museum is a non-profit private organization which houses the permanent collection of the Zampelas family. Apart from the permanent collection, the Museum also organizes temporary, retrospective and thematic exhibitions of artists from Cyprus and abroad. These are complemented with relevant educational programmes, lectures and other cultural activities. Our goal is for the Museum to be a cultural hub accessible to all and through our educational programmes and workshops we strive to create unique and innovative ways for adults and children alike to interact with art.

Izzy: I like very much arts, music and theaters and I would like to succeed making my children embrace some of the pleasure that these can bring to our lives. Do you believe that the museum can be a beautiful choice for a nice Family Day in Cyprus? What is the most suitable age for the kids to enjoy a visit?

E.M.: Of course! What a better way to spend quality time with your family at an art Museum! Parents can bring their children or children can invite their parents on to a voyage of artistic and cultural discovery through our family educational programmes. We are currently offering two educational programmes for families: The first one titled “My parents and I at the Museum” is suitable for children ages 5-12 and their parents who are interested in exploring and learning about the artworks, the artists and the various techniques used while experiencing the Museum’s collection through a different, explorative lens. The second one titled "Art and the Environment: Nature through the eyes of the Artist" which is also offered this school year for school groups, is suitable for childρen ages 5-12 with their parents who are mostly interested in environmental education through art. This programme focuses more on the role of nature as a source of inspiration for artists, on the role of recycling in arts while at the same time raising various environmental issues that may arise through the paintings. Both programmes involve various interactive activities and games as well as a short art workshop at the end. These educational programmes have a dual purpose: on the one hand, to fill the children with images, experiences and knowledge from the world of art and on the other hand, to invite their parents to engage with their children creatively in a beautiful and warm environment of culture and art. For more information about the programmes and how to book their visit parents can call us on 22456096. All materials are provided by the Museum so parents should be prepared to just bring their creative and playful mood along!

Izzy: Parents, kids and an artist together: Workshop. This sounds like heaven. Who had this extraordinary idea and how can anybody be a part of it?

E.M.: A newly introduced concept in Cyprus, a series of Artist Led Family Workshops will take place at the Museum starting from October 2013 and specifically this Saturday 12th of October with the ceramic artist Varvara Georgiou. Families are essentially a group of people who need to learn more about one another experience one another in various contexts and develop common interests and share opinions. Becoming familiar with art materials and artistic practices while having the space to explore and develop their own ideas as a group, families will watch their artwork being formed while they are collaborating, communicating and having fun!

Izzy: The School Groups also find your gates open. What they should do to have a memorable day in your museum?

E.M.: The educational programmes designed for schools aspire towards developing the aesthetic understanding of the students and their critical thinking, as well as cultivating their creative ability and love for every art form. The topics of the educational programmes are linked to the school curricula of all classes (arts, history, maths, environmental education, etc.) and can become an aid to the work of the teachers. The theme of this year’s educational programme is “Art and the Environment: Nature through the eyes of the Artist”.
During the course of the educational programmes, children observe works of art and, based on these, they participate in original educational-recreational activities, have fun, create and express themselves with the appropriate guidance of trained museum educators. Children use a wide range of supervisory materials which helps them understand the particularity of the different themes and techniques artists use. Furthermore, all the students are provided with educational worksheets revolving around the exhibition they see. The duration of each educational programme is one hour and a half. The daily operating hours of the educational programmes for school groups are: 08:30 am - 10:00 am and 10:00 am – 11:30 am and children can book their class visit by calling us on 22456096 to arrange the most suitable date and time.

Izzy: What other information you believe it can be interesting for our readers?

E.M.: After an amazing educational programme, workshop or tour, you can get some rest whilst enjoying your favorite beverage at the Zmart Café. In a calm and friendly atmosphere, visitors can enjoy a cup of coffee or other fresh homemade products. The visitors can also browse the Museum’s Zmart Shop which showcases limited edition silkscreens, art objects, books and publications, design pieces and art crafts inspired by the Museum’s collections and exhibitions. The shop also displays objects and books that interest children (artistic school items, art materials, children’s books and more). You can buy children’s books and the cleverest, most original gifts for you and your friends from the Museum shop!

Izzy: Everybody believes that behind each of their kids there is a small artist. Is the museum the place where somebody can evaluate our kid’s dreams and which is the right path to follow? Is there anything else or we just discovered talent?

E.M.: The role of the Museum in society prioritizes a learning relationship with its visitors. However the Museum does not create artists rather it cultivates the interest for art in everyone. The Museum’s collection and exhibitions have a powerful pedagogic role used to construct knowledge. The interpretation of visual elements, the understanding of visual experience alongside learning to read not only verbally but visually too are important in the upbringing of every child and the life of an active individual in today’s fast-paced societies.

Izzy: Thank you very much Mrs. Elena Markitani for your beautiful replies and we are all expected at Zampelas Art Museum in Nicosia.

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot Lizard!

Entrance Fee:
Adults €6,00
Students (over 12) €4,00
University Students (student card required) €4,00
Children (under 12 years) Free
Museum Guided Tours €2,00 + admission ticket
(For groups of 10 people or more tour is free of charge)
Opening Hours:
Winter hours (September-May)
Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 13:00, 16:00 - 19:00
Saturday: 10:00 - 19:00
Sunday: Closed
Address: 27 Arch. Makarios III Avenue, Kaimakli, CY – 1020, Nicosia, Cyprus
Phone no: +357 22 456 098