Pera Pedi Playground and Neromilos Restaurant

Hello everybody,

As Cyprus gets very sunny sometimes and my kids have days when they are waking up very late, I love finding nice shaded areas where I can go. One of them is the outdoor playground of Pera Pedi village up in Troodos mountains.
As you reach Pera Pedi center village coming from Limassol going towards Platres on your right side you will see the Village's Taverna and a big tall tree in the middle of the road. Taking this road up the hill 20 m far you will find the playground and another 10 m there is a big parking area .

The playground is surrounded by big, old trees so there is a nice breeze most of the days. You can have a nice walk behind it and you will find one of those nice treasures that you do not expect to be there... a watermill. It was renovated in 2001 by the community. The stairs of the left side of the building will bring you to a nice view of the village.
Going up the road for another 2-3 km there is the Pera Pedi dam. You could enjoy this road walking (you can also have a stroller) as it is shady and there are just a few cars passing.

Further up on this road you can enjoy the beautiful Millomeri waterfall. The waterfall can be reached also from Platers village but the road is more difficult for smaller children. The entire road can be done by car  also, stopping only 50 m before the waterfall. In the very warm days you it is one of the best places to get chilly and relax.

Of course, if the children are older then 7 years old or if they have a very good mountain experience you can do this road starting form Platers just opposite the main church. (walking only) or by car there is a sign on the main road to Troodos before reaching Platers towards Millomeri waterfall.
After enjoying such a nice walk I can invite you in Pera Pedi village at the Czech - Slovak restaurant Neromilos. The restaurant belongs to the two souls, one Chrysis and the other one Gabriela, that will make "the meeting point" between Cypriot cuisine and Czech Slovak one. Both of them are delicious, as the entire atmosphere of the place, with a very nice shadow and view. For the Czech Slovak specialities you have to call in advance, but I can tell you it deserve remembering. As I could not drink an Czech beer I tried the vanilla milkshake which proved to be a fantastic choice. First it was the biggest milkshake that I could ever have and second it was simply delicious... hmmmm I have to go back to have another one.
Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot lizard!

Neromilos Restaurant
Chrysis & Gabriela Kourea
Address: Pera Pedi, Limassol
Phone: + 357 25 470 536; +357 99 436 305