Smart Hands Kids Workshop in Nicosia


Smart Hands in Nicosia is a creative place where your child can explore, invent, create and take the crafts home! Our program is based on a T4T concept (Trash for Teaching) that is enhancing re use of variety of materials through number of educative individual and group handcraft projects. Our mission is directed towards developing and  enhancing children's creative mental and motoric skills, enriching their level of imagination and raising their awareness about re-usage of materials.
Choose one of our classes:
  • Arts&Crafts : The main benefits of these classes (appropriate for kids age 4-10), are of course developing creativity in young children and raising their awareness about recycle materials. Our Arts&Crafts  workshops will improve coordination, fine motor skills, teach kids how to express themselves and boost your child’s visual processing capabilities both now and later in life.
  • Painting: At our painting classes (appropriate for age group 6-10) we encourage kids to use their imagination and creativity by using variety of tools and different art techniques. Either it is observing with sketching and drawing, sponge, drip or blow painting with straws, use of oil, water or acrylic colors every lesson will bring something new and excitement for all our students.
  • Clay: Clay is different from other art mediums in that it requires an understanding of the three dimensional world. Children will begin to understand shape, form, and perspective, and therefore get a first lesson in geometry. The students will learn to really look ,observe and discover the world around them by working with air dry clay. Clay class is appropriate for children age 5-10 year old.
  • Young architects:  A workshop for 6-12 years old children that will immerse into the big architectural world with brainstorming ideas, sketching and designing, building 3D models, using mixed media and a variety of materials. 
  • Mommy&Me: An amazing opportunity for kids 2.5-4 years old to have fun with their Moms and meet their other small peers with a fun and recreational activity that will make afternoons interesting and surprising. At Mommy&Me classes we work in small groups on different individual and group projects where child and parent create. 
  • Fashion Design: Learn how to create your own presentation boards just like a New York Fashion studio! We will teach you how to sketch, draw and understand body proportion by designing and hand sewing for our PVC dolls.

Children Age:  2.5 - 12 years old
Price: Starting 40 euro monthly once a week 1.5 or 2 hour class depending on the class
Language of Service: Greek & English language
Contact person: Dragana Ljubicic
Phone Number: 97776494
Facebook Page:
Address: Street Address 16A AMFIRTRITIS Street, 2000 Strovolos
City: Nicosia