Do Re Mi Music Studio - Your best music school choice in Nicosia

"Children need the FREEDOM to appreciate the infinite resources of their HANDS, their EYES, and their EARS, the resources of FORMS, MATERIALS, SOUNDS, and COLORS. " 
                                                         Loris Malaguzzi

"Do Re Mi Music Studio" is a place where children will have the opportunity to develop their music talent. But not only this! Music will help them develop and build their language and listening skills. Encourage their creativity, develop their self-esteem, stimulate them to use imagination. It is so simple but so important – music will give them an opportunity to relax and relieve stress, to experience joy.  Under the guidance of well qualified teachers in various music disciplines, children will get high level of musical studies and comprehensive music experiences. Our course of studies aims to advance musical understanding, creativity, individual expression and interpretation. 


   1. Music education for children (3 to 6 years)
   2. Singing:
• Classical singing
• Contemporary / pop and jazz singing
    3. Musical Instruments:
• Piano
• Guitar
• Bouzouki
• Violin
       4. Theoretical disciplines:
• Solfege
• Harmony
• Polyphony
• Orchestration/Arrangement
• Musical forms


1. Studying in Greek, English, Russian and Bulgarian.
2. Free participation in a children's choir for each pupil from 5 years  old who will choose as a specialty a musical instrument or singing.
3. Lower fee for children of one family.
4. Reduced  fees when visiting two or more disciplines  (singing, musical instruments, theoretical disciplines and etc.).

Children Age: Music education for children - 3 to 6 years old For music instrumets or singing - from 5 years old Children choir - 5 to 12 years old
Price: From 30 Euros per month
Language of Service: Greek, English, Bulgarian, Russian
Contact person: Andreas Charalambous
Phone Number: 96492932
Facebook Page:
Address: Street Address: Laodikeias Street 23, 2028, Strovolos,  Charalambou Mouskou Street 2, 2617, Agrokipia
City: Nicosia