Chinese language by Confucius Institute at Cyprus University

Learn Chinese Language in Cyprus classes starting September 2018 ! Register NOW!

Children and adults have the opportunity to start learning Chinese Language in Cyprus under the auspices of Confucius Institute in Nicosia.

Confucius Institute at the University of Cyprus, the first and the only one established in Cyprus is a non-profit organization and a joint venture between The Office of Chinese Language Council International (Hanban), the University of Cyprus and the Beijing Institute of Education.

"Studies have shown that learning Chinese develops unique cognitive skills and enhances musical ability in children because of its tonal sounds, and that language-learning in general can help your child’s ability to learn across all subjects. Learning Chinese can also make you better at math. The way Chinese characters are written (and taught) reinforces counting at an early age, and the complexity of the characters, as compared to English writing, actually aids in developing spatial memory, shape recognition, etc.  Also, the Chinese number system has a direct correlation to verbal, which does not exist in English beyond ten (the words for eleven, twelve, etc., have no direct correlation to the written numbers)"

The Chinese Language lessons are available for children starting 8 year old  to adults.
The program starts on 13th September up to 23rd December 2018, twice a week in Nicosia. In order to register  contact to Antonia Antoniou 22 894 274.

Children Age: Over 8 years old
Price Twice a week (13/09/2018-23/12/2018) 210 euro
Language of Service English
Name: Antonia Antoniou
Phone Number: 22894274
Website: confucius
Address: Street Address: Nicosia University ; City: Nicosia Kallipoleos 75, Nicosia 1678, Cyprus