Birthday Disco and Karaoke Parties for cool Kids and Teens at Squares!

Hello everybody,

Organizing a birthday party is not an easy task even for the most successful parent. You need to organize and prepare the space for all friends and maybe their parents, the right food, the right entertainment, the invitations, the birthday cake and sweets… And are you sure you can cope with kids running around the house with juices and chocolate in their hands? Can you be bothered with cleaning up all the mess after? That is why Squares Parties is here to make your entire day perfect as their offer is all inclusive! Your private disco party can be organized entirely by them and you won’t even have to lift a finger!

Square Disco Parties are buzzing with energy, great music and slick dance moves - creating that high energy vibe that they are famous for. An ideal party option for boys and girls of all ages! They're all about creating loads of energy and encouraging the kids to find their inner rock stars. They are not DJ's just playing music for you - they are a fully interactive party, involved and engaging all your children at the same time to create the high vibe disco parties they are famous for.

With a very easy find and reach location in the city center with plenty of parking space around, near Pentadromos junction (5 ways) close to Othello Cinema, Square Parties are specialized in organizing the best Disco Birthday parties for children and teens of all ages. Having enough space to fit almost 60-80 people, Square Parties is amazing because if you book your party with them their entire space will be yours only!

What you can find at Squares?

Special rubber dancing floor for children to dance, feel great and show off their favorite dance moves, a magical bubble machine that disperses a huge volume of bubbles for the kids to chase and pop, a mirror disco ball, state of the art laser and UV lighting and lots of smoke to get lost in it! The kids have an absolute blast as they fill the room with bubbles and smoke, creating the ultimate party atmosphere!

What if your kid wants to pretend to be a rock star? Square Parties is ready with their Karaoke Game for a memorable day! Your birthday child and all of his pals can get their groove on and sing like superstars on the big stage.

If you are among the parents with extra demanding teens, Square Parties have DJ’s ready with their favorite music! Whether it’s the latest Greek pop hits, the latest popular international hits, the 60’s kind of party, the Limbo dance, the big Rocker everything will be possible!

Kids have 3 hours of party with singing, dancing, games, and a dining area for fancy food and fruit cocktails and if you have no time to bake a cake you can find it ready-made there for FREE! For all guests an entertainer will be there to make sure the party will be filled with fun games and raising the party atmosphere to very high levels!

Square Parties is the right place for absolutely great parties for children and teens who want something special, different, active and love to dance and sing!

Lots of sunny days for Izzy The Cypriot Lizard!

Square Parties Limassol
Kid’s & Teens Disco Party includes 3 hours of entertaining:
  •         Superb Disco lights & Disco Ball!
  •         Brilliant Bubble and Smoke machines
  •         Tones of lively party games
  •         Loads of dancing games, including Conga and Limbo dancing
  •         Karaoke
  •         Food & Drinks
  •         Free Cake
  •         Free Glow-in-the-dark gifts
  •         DJ’s at extra cost
  •         Free invitations
  •         Parties can be organized for English/Russian/Greek language speakers!

Address: Thessalonikis 9, Limassol, Cyprus
Contact Person: Christina or Anna
Starting prices: 400 euro for 30 guests
Book now your party by phone: 70 001230 or contact them on