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Somebody once said that “Theatre was created to tell the truth about life”, I would add that theater was created to make us think, feel, understand, learn, and join this fabulous experience of togetherness no matter of age, race or nationality. Children are the first ones that should learn to use theatrical art in order to express themselves better, to be able to use words to make them stronger, powerful, to feel free and have the courage to say what they think. Children should understand better this “je ne sais quoi” that could make everybody feel wonderful together no matter their race, religion or looks. In Nicosia we discovered a “Rooftop” where two women Oya and Polly make all the difference. They raise their hands and bring together kids joined into this unique experience of utilizing physical theatre tools for their theatre group, the first one of its kind in Cyprus!

Physical theatre is a genre of theatrical performance that pursues storytelling through primarily physical means. Several performance traditions all describe themselves as "physical theatre", but the unifying aspect is a reliance on physical motion of the performers rather than or combined with text to convey the story. In basic sense, you talk through hand gestures, body language, thought track and many more physical features. Contemporary Dance has also had a strong influence on what we regard as physical theatre, partly because most physical theatre requires actors to have a level of physical control and flexibility. Modern physical theatre also has strong roots in more ancient traditions such as Commedia dell'arte and some suggest links to the ancient Greek theatre, particularly the theatre of Aristophanes.

Oya and Polly use their one of a kind Studio, RoofTop, to introduce to children and youth, boys and girls, from 5 to 18 years old, the art of Theater. “We would like to think our workshops as multidisciplinary and multilingual. We are open to using any kind of language to perform if the participants want to use their native tongue and I think this is what makes us unique, having physical theatre part as a tool for us”. The lessons are focusing on role playing, self-expression, storytelling and drama games to build confidence and enhance creativity.

RoofTop offers a variety of programs for children and we would like to mention also the Yoga for kids groups, Art in Nature groups, or Teens Drama Club.

Art in Nature - The purpose of this multidisciplinary lesson is to widen the perception of children using examples from nature and making parallels with art and geometry. By utilizing drawing, crafts, performance and creative writing the lesson aims to help children start recognizing the harmonic patterns of nature as well as how everything is interconnected.

The Teens Drama Club are focused on team building, developing more advanced acting skills, body awareness and again, building confidence.
The Drama Groups for kids are unique due to fact that RoofTop uses multilingual groups and physical theatre to overcome communication barriers. RoofTop offers lessons delivered in English and in Greek language separately for the younger students and few classes that are multilingual either because the instructor speaks different languages or because there is more than one instructor during the lesson. Languages spoken by instructors: English, Greek and Turkish.

The lessons focus on expression through dramatic arts and Rooftop believes that through that expression they can collectively address and maybe find ways to overcome issues that occur in today’s society like: lack for tolerance for others, alienation, intimidation, lack of respect towards each other.

The targets of Rooftop theater lessons are to improve kids’ public speaking skills and memorization, to teach them the value of teamwork, empathy, gain confidence, how to work on a deadline or even improving reading and articulation skills!

For many kids, theater is their first exposure to behaving professionally. You have to make a good impression, show enthusiasm, work hard, compromise, keep your emotions in check, support your peers, and treat your superiors with respect. All skills you have to master if you want to be taken seriously in your professional life.

The perfect choice for your children’s activities this year, try something different and unique as RoofTop physical theater experience!

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot lizard!

The RoofTop Youth Theatre

“After eleven years of existence we are happy to announce that we have now a residence space at 76 Aischylou Street in Phaneromeni, Nicosia Old Town, very close to Ledra Street. The opening of our space is coinciding with the creation of our Youth Theatre Company as well. We have scheduled auditions for the advanced youth theatre group on the 27th of Sept 4-6 you can email to let us know you are coming. You can audition in your native language, no English knowledge required.
The Rooftop Youth Theatre will be trilingual and multi-cultural and it will be based on the practices of physical theatre, theatre for community building and theatre as a tool for social change.

Address: 76 Aischylou Street in Phaneromeni, Nicosia Old Town, 1011, Cyprus
Lessons schedule: Please click on the picture

Lessons prices: Teens drama groups: €55 per month. Kids drama groups €40 per month, Art in Nature €45 per month. Special prices for siblings: 1 + the other half price.
Contact person: Oya and Polly
Phone no: Oya 00905 428540675, Polly 96375223
Webpage: (currently under construction)

About the RoofTop Youth Company, teachers and studio:

"We are aiming to assemble a multicultural youth performing group for ages 14 - 18 years old. We are two instructors conducting the workshop and we will start rehearsing for a performing piece right after the auditions. Our rehearsals will take place every Tuesday 4-6 and there is a monthly subscription of 55 euros per month. 

The Youth Company will operate as a normal semi professional Youth performing group and we want to showcase the work in Cyprus and abroad. There are many international festivals that we would like to prepare the group to be able to participate. There is also a possibility that our group will get funding for the trips abroad. We want to create a close-knit team of performers and we are aiming for 10 - 12 people max. 

We welcome performers that play instruments, sing or dance so we can build further their existing skills. We have worked with many teen groups before, our work includes physical theatre tools as well as text and we do modern and experimental takes on classic plays as well as devising our own pieces based on the group experience during rehearsal. We will use performer's native language but we will also use English during the classes and our plays. The instructors speak English, Turkish, Greek and Chinese"

Polly: “I always knew I wanted to work with children since I was a teenager. I find it refreshing and very rewarding. Every child is unique and what I enjoy doing the most is finding that uniqueness in every child and help with further development.”
“Love art in yourself, and not yourself in art.”  Konstantin Stanislavski, My Life In Art
Polly: FLOURENTZOU, Polly (b. 1978, Cyprus) has a BA in Theatre Studies and an MA in Digital Media. She is a passionate drama educator and frequently combines her practice with languages.  Her teaching experience varies from young kids to adolescent as well as adult groups. She has designed and delivered workshops in Cyprus, the UK and in Wuhan, China while she was a full time language student in Hua Zhong Normal University 2006 - 2009. In 2014 she worked on her first bi-communal project, a trilingual performance which participated in the Buffer Fringe Festival in Nicosia. She speaks 5 languages at different levels and her practice is based on tools widely used in forum theatre, digital media, physical theatre and live arts.

Oya: “Working with children is great as they already have an immense amount of joy, energy and curiousity for play... Therefore what is left for us to do is to channel this already existing energy towards skill development. Empowering children with the skills that will later on support them in life, building their self-confidence, giving them various tools and means of self-expression, playing a part in this development I find very rewarding. As for teenagers, wow... So much going on with this age group... Theatre really helps children and teenagers discover and appreciate their own and others' differences while learn to work collectively and create something beautiful together.... This process in itself is truly magical..!”
"Everything you can imagine is real." Pablo Picasso
Oya: AKIN, OYA (b.1975, London), graduated from the Psychology Department of Boğaziçi University, Istanbul. She started working as an actress for the Kyrenia Municipality Theatre Studio in 2000, and since then she has worked both as an actress, co-director and director with numerous local and international theatre groups – Kyrenia Municipality Theatre Studio (2000-2010, Kyrenia), THOC & Kneehigh Theatre-UK (2004, S. Nicosia), Cyprus Turkish State Theatres (2004-2010 & 2013, N. Nicosia), Rooftop Theatre (2009-present, S. Nicosia), the Çatalköy Municipality Theatre Company (2010-2013, Kyrenia) and Astragali Theatre-Italy (2013, Zakynthos & 2014, S. Nicosia) - in Cyprus and abroad.
Since 2010, she has been working as a full-time drama teacher for the English School of Kyrenia. She has been working as a drama facilitator for the bi-communal Youth Theatre Camp ‘Crossroads’ for five consecutive years.
She has been involved in bi-communal & multicultural projects since 2004. She has worked in collaboration with various artists across the divide. She is a trainer for the Education for a Culture of Peace project (POST-RI & AHDR). She is a volunteer drama facilitator for the ‘Free School’ for the children of the Arabahmet neighborhood. She is one of the Group Leaders in Rooftop Theatre’s project which organizes theatre workshops for the children resident at the Kofinou Refugee Camp. She is member of the ‘Konuşan Eller’ (Talking Hands) training programme and is learning sign language.
She is board member of the Association of Historical Dialogue and Research (ADHR) and the Rooftop Theatre Group; a member of CCITI and the CT Artists and Writers Association. She is mother of two :)

Katerina: Katerina Neophytidou graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 2001 with a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Fine Arts. In 2015 she got her Masters of Fine Arts from Frederick University. She lives and works in Nicosia. Apart from her 15-year experience as an architect, she has participated in many art exhibitions. She has also represented Cyprus in international exhibitions such as the International Olympic art competition in Lausanne, the XIV Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean, and artists' exchange programs between Cyprus and Iceland. She also has received first place in national art competition of the Olympic Committee of Cyprus and the competition for the Research Promotion Foundation Prize design.

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