For the most entertaining Birthday Party – Call SmileGames!

Hello everybody,

What if?
If we forget about the usual … “going on an indoor playground”, eating, cutting cake, have a face painting for his best birthday party.
What if?
If we could offer in exchange to our kids a stimulating, entertaining, energetic, fabulous birthday party day with their friends trough games and activities. 
What if?
If we could choose SmilesGames for the most exciting and extraordinary day of the year!

SmileGames Team would like to introduce in Cyprus a new concept, a wonderful idea about how kids can spend their most important day of the year: Their Birthday! This concept starts with marvelous idea: to choose your favorite space for the day!  Either going up in the mountains or having fun with water games in the sand, down at the beach, or keeping the party inside SmileGames yard with all the wonderful and lovely atmosphere brought in by the funny games, or why not just in the most intimate place at your home, the perfect party will be the party of your child’ dreams.

The SmileGames Team will design your kids’ party day after his personal interests and wishes.

A pirate’s world, hunting for treasures! Lil pirates will love boarding your backyard pirate ship to set sail for hidden treasures.
an angry bird war just for the naughty kids, 
A Wet and Wild Wipeout Party, this water-obstacle-filled party would make any kid smile. With slippery slides, bouncing balls, and plenty of opportunities for getting wet and wild, this party is perfect for kids looking for a way to keep cool.
A Football Party, 
A Baking Party for the lovely girls, working their way through seven pastry stations, the guests made old-school treats, like strawberry tarts and chocolate-dipped strawberries.
Pink Princess Birthday Party, 
a Jackson Pollack party where tots are encouraged to get down and dirty for the afternoon, 
A Scavenger Hunt Party where kids put little sleuths to work with a detective party that plays on their natural curiosities.
A Camping-Inspired Birthday Party with maps and walks and setting up tents

SmileGames team is going to make your kids laugh. Walking on a slackline while teaching children about balance, trying the big Angry Birds slingshot so kids learn about anger management, a water balloon relay where the focus is to transfer water balloons without breaking them to create a chain reaction, playing with marbles it never been that funny and interesting while the SmileGames Team will teach kids how to get them inside the hole and follow them to the end of the trip, shooting with nerf guns tin cans, team walker (cooperative game that children need to coordinate, cooperate their movement for the race), a fight with water guns it will never be so wonderful if it is not coordinated by their Special Team.

For the messy ones, it can get really messy with painting, flour time, shaving cream painting or why not the best sand castle day you could ever have!
For the brave ones why not to give them the opportunity to learn how to use a long board or a unicycle.

Going outside the SmileGames premises, can be one of the most challenging experiences. Children will learn how to fly a small kite surfing kite or how to SUP (stand up paddle board) and why not? Raft building or any crazy adventure can be expected to happen.

SmileGames Team has a project and an idea for all kids aged 4 – 13 years old. There will be one SmileGames Team member for each 12 children and Greek or English language can be used for the party.

Parents can melt in or stay aside and enjoy a relaxing coffee at any of the locations chosen for the party. The party menu can include a healthy choice alternative or homemade burgers & pizzas & chips like for a real fiesta.

Kids Fun in Cyprus advice? Do not get bored of organizing the same old day type of party! Try to experiment, try to be different, offer your children a unique birthday party experience with SmileGames!

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot lizard!



Maximum number of children for SmileGames premises is 20.
For other location parties can go as bigger as 60 children or even more that can join.
Greek & English language.
Parent’s presence mandatory especially for the Sea Adventures.
Address:  Lekorpouzie 43, Limassol, Cyprus
Contact person: Filios Sazeides
Phone no: +357 25 25 51 91

Map Location:

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