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When we discovered Polychromes Empeiries - ΠΟΛΥΧΡΩΜΕΣ ΕΜΠΕΙΡΙΕΣ in Pano Deftera - Nicosia we were very impressed as Mrs. Rania D. Hadjicosta, Clinical Psychologist, succeed to build a program in collaboration with international organizations and organizations active in children development, is aimed at infants, children and their parents. Polychromes Empeiries'goal (Colorful Experiences)  is to promote the multifaceted - physical, emotional, mental and social - development of children and their mental resilience. Therefore, all of our activities aim at developing and enhancing skills, attitudes and behaviors that set the foundation for a healthy, physical and mental, adolescent and adult life.

The center Polychromes Empeiries offers a multidisciplinary program aiming at psychosomatic development through creative activities for children from infancy until the onset of adolescence. At the core of their services is multifaceted, mental and physical, child development via building strengths, skills, attitudes and behaviors that will protect children from possible emotional difficulties in the future and will equip them with the necessary means for a healthy mental and physical adulthood.

The development of the program was designed on the basis of scientific evidence in Developmental psychology and child psychopathology supporting that children's participation in structured, healthy forms of extracurricular activities improve their learning performance and protect them from negative behaviors. Moreover, through such activities children have the opportunity to construct their identities, socialize, discover their abilities and talents, enhance their self-esteem and spend their time pleasantly.

The center’s aim is to provide a safe environment for  healthy development and learning, in which children will have the opportunity to explore their world, to experiment, interact, collaborate, communicate, discover their potential and enrich their experiences with many vivid "colors".
Rania is the author of the of the psycho-educational book "Laura gets a little brother” (a book about the arrival of a new member in the family, which addresses concerns such as how the baby is growing in mommy's belly and how the life of the family will change after the birth of the baby) and she has more than 2000 hours supervised work experience with children and adults in the Center for Research and Counseling Services (KESY) and the Government's Mental Health Services.

Rania is providing for Polychromes Empeiries the individual and group program “Emotional Education & Resilience Building” which includes modalities such as:

Getting familiar with Emotions
Identifying and Expressing Emotions
Cultivating Empathy
Identifying and managing unpleasant feelings
Fear  Management Training
Anger Management Training
Acceptance of Diversity

This program is offered to children from the age of 4 to the age of 8 years old and aims to teach and help children improve their Emotional Intelligence, build resilience, enhance their self-esteem and cultivate empathy. Rania aims to grow and strengthen social, communication and problem solving skills, and teach stress, fear and anger management techniques to all the children joining her classes.   The program's objectives are achieved through interactive activities and games, reading fairy tales, role playing, and other play therapy techniques.

Parents will find in Rania a good advisor if they are having difficulties solving issues regarding their children behavioral, emotional or social adjustment. In Rania's place you will find a safe environment in which children will have the opportunity to enjoy their time, exploring their world, experimenting, interacting, collaborating, communicating, tackling and effectively managing the whole spectrum their experience, to make the most of their abilities and to enrich their experiences with many and vivid "colors".

Polychromes Empeiries is the best way to start involving your children in activities that will prepare them for a happier and healthier life!
Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot lizard!

Polychromes Empeiries

Address: Metochiou 21, 2460, Pano Deftera – Nicosia, Cyprus
Prices: €45 per month for group lessons or 40 euro per 1 hour for individual lessons
Contact person: Rania Hadjicosta
Phone no: +357 70 000 730
E-mail: rania_hadjicosta@yahoo.gr

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