Freda at Breakfast at Teafunny's Nicosia

Hello everybody,

Today I will tell you a story.

Once upon a time there was a little lady who lived in a tea cup. Her name was Freda. She had pink shoes, lovely pink dress with red dots, red lips and dark hair, and a beautiful pink hat. All day long she would dream of how her life could change if she could bring lots of friends and kids to visit her, as she loved being surrounded by everyone who smiled everyday.

She was sitting in her pink tea cup waiting for something magic to happen. But time was passing day by day, the sun was up on the sky happy and smiling, puffy clouds were flying around but nothing was happening in the little tea cup to our sweet lady Freda.
One day a little lady bug visited her. She was a red lady bug with pink dots and big round eyes. She was flying around the tea cup, she saw the sad pink lady Freda and decided to help her. She went close to her and whispered in her ear: “If you want your friends to be closer, to see joyful kids running around you, with sweet puppies and to meet more and more happy people, you have to have more and more teacups to share with them”. Freda was very happy. She spoke with her friend Audrey, who said that she would help.
It was like magic.... they found a little magic wand just behind one fluffy cloud. They waved it and pink stars began to appear around them. “Make a wish .... make a wish! they all said.. “

Closing their eyes, Freda and Audrey saw pink teapots, lots of tiny cups, cozy flower chairs for their friends to sit on and many many round tables. They saw thousand of cookies, sweets, candies, lollipops, cakes, muffins, and ice creams. They were all there, waiting for their friends to come.
But this was not the end. The lady bug helped them to put the cups on the shelf, the cakes on the plates, the cookies in the jars. The magic wand was still waving.

Out of the nowhere there were slides, tunnels, soft cushions and lots of toys waiting for kids. Then the ducks, dolphins, owls unicorns and birds came. They were so happy to be there, to play and to smile.

A story garden was set then filled with flowers and grass, refreshing shadow and one lovely swing for four. It was delightful to see a dream come true. Everything was there.
They were all in the garden when the stars started to dance in a funny way. It was all there on top of the entry with pink letters written : “Breakfast at Teafunny's!”

The lady bug was there to tell her friend the ant, the ant went to her friend the butterfly who went to tell to his little friend the snail. The snail was so happy when he herd about it so he rushed to tell to Danny the dog who barked wagging his tail right and left hearing that it is a place opened for him too and he rushed to his friend Andreas who called his mummy and they.... all went there to say Hi to Freda!
Freda was delighted ... She invited all her new friends to the Tea Shop to spend one unique, fantastic, memorable day with her... sipping a cup of tea, eating a sweet little cookie. Giggles and sweet laugh could be heard all the time now, there. Even Alice was there with her friend the white rabbit. Alice even said that this is the new Wonderland! So sweet of her....

It is fantastic, as from now on, more and more friends they found out about her place and they all go... they all hoped also that one day the lady bug will visit to tell them:
"Never stop dreaming as one day your dreams may all come true! Smile!"

Breakfast at Teafunny's a magical place to go!

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot lizard!

Breakfast at Teafunny's

Opening hours:Always open
Address: 17 A & B Limassol Avenue, 2112 Nicosia, Cyprus
Contact person: Freda Yannitsas
Phone no: +357 22 333 030

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