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Temporarily closed for renovation. For schools services please call. 

It is new and it is one of a kind in Cyprus! It is a must see for every kid because it engages play, learning, discoveries, pleasure, in one magnificent place. It is different because it brings children into a new world. The world of science. The world of Archimedes.

This place has been created with passion, because the person involved in the design and construction of the museum has 4 children, because he is a professional, because he lives for what he does, and makes it with love.
After 25 years of dreaming and wishing, he just succeeded in seeing his dream come true and created a small paradise for kids, for Cyprus Kids.
This place is a small work of art, which will give everybody a nice feeling of well being.

It is Archimedes Museum and Architect George Papadopoulos will be my guide today:

Izzy: I am so happy to see that Today in Cyprus when everybody is thinking of tomorrow, there is somebody thinking of the present and invested in the present … and our kids. Dear George Papadopoulos how did you get this idea, of opening such a fantastic place, now in Limassol?
G.P.: I decided to go ahead with this project because I could not find a place to take my kids, where we can all play together, and at the same time be educated. All places that existed, were either just play for kids or boring educational establishments that nobody wanted to visit.
Another reason was that I happen to own and direct a company called SKINOTECHNIKI, where we design and construct museums and exhibition spaces. Over the years, I had tried to convince my clients to include interactive exhibits in their museums, with no success. Since nobody wanted to take my advise, I decided to take it myself and create an interactive museum.

Izzy: I know that this type of Museum is in fact a new trend all over the world and always thought that it is something that is missing in Cyprus. You succeed not only to open such a place in Cyprus but you made it in times when people are afraid of thinking of the future. People are just waiting for these difficult times to go past. How do you feel making and creating for kids in these difficult times?
G.P.: I believe that In difficult times to succeed, we must be much more inventive, creative and propose new forward thinking ideas. Its is also time to look at important things in live, such as quality education. Education in a museum which is also a playground stays with us longer, because it is fun and interactive.
In addition, in difficult times one needs to look back and find his roots. Most people in Cyprus do not know much about Archimedes and his inventions. There is a void here that the museum is attempting to fill. After all he is one of our forefathers, and together with Einstein and Newton one of the three most important mathematicians and inventors in the history of the universe.

Izzy: What did you have in mind when you thought of opening this museum? How old should be the young guests be to enjoy such a visit? Is it a place for parents and children to spend time together, to have fun and learn at the same time?
G.P.: The museum/playground can be enjoyed by all. Young and old alike. We call it a playground for kids from 3 to 103 years old.

Izzy: Can you describe some of the activities that kids can discover inside? Do you organize parties and other fun activities?
G.P. In the museum we have 21 fully interactive exhibits/games. You can get lost in a maze of mirrors, operate all 5 ancient machines, fly a hot air balloon, go through a Lazer obstacle course, lift yourself up, operate a submarine, operate a crane, solve Archimedes osteomachion puzzle and other 3D geometrical puzzles.
At the same time we organize birthday and other parties, spectacular shows with scientific experiments, competitions, "how to" seminars, and other science oriented events.

Izzy: What do you mean by Educational Programs for Schools? How is this done?
G.P.: We organize school visits where we divide children in groups, to explain the games and Archimedes inventions. We then show them a short cartoon about the ancient machines, and then let them enjoy the exhibits. We also have a canteen where we serve freshly prepared quality meals.

Izzy: It was amazing to see that on the Museum’s website there is also a place to interact with your young guests? How come you had such a good idea?
G.P.: We wanted to create a website that can be our window to the world. One that can be amended and expanded. Among other things we will be introducing our new games and even give you the opportunity to give us your opinion about their design before we build them. We aim at creating an educational science centere and the website is our primary tool.

Izzy: What else do you think will be interesting for visitors to know, before coming to the museum?
G. P.: Prepare yourself to come and play. This is not the kind of museum you have been in the past. This is a playground for all ages.

Izzy: Thank you very much for this fantastic opportunity that allowed me to know you and introduce such a wonderful Museum to my readers. Finally, I will not ask you to tell us a story, as it is custom on our site, but for a personal thought regarding the "job" of a parent.
G.P.: Spending time with our kids is the best investment we can make in our lives.

Thank you very much for this opportunity, to meet you and your beautiful museum.
Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot Lizard!

Archimedes Museum

Entrance fee: Only kids pay 7,00 Euro
Opening hours: Tuesday - Friday 15.30-20.30
Weekends and public holidays:10.30-21.00
Mondays Closed
Address: Pafos Ave (2 Melissovounou), Kato Polemidia 4150, Limassol
Phone no: +357 7000 7887
Web page:
Contact person: Zena Panteli

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    1. Hi Christel, Thank you very much for your message. My mistake... I fix it!

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